Mobile Marketing for Business

Using Mobile Marketing for Salons

Mobile marketing for business

Because salons use reservation systems to manage their customers, mobile marketing is an effective way to use those systems to engage their customers in profitable ways.  With some basic use of an SMS text messaging system and a mobile website, shop owners will be able to stay in touch with their clients and fill more open spots in their appointment book.  The benefit of all of this is that customers will be brought to the store more often than they would have been had no system been put in place.

How Can a Salon Owner Use Mobile Marketing?

On mornings when shop owners don’t have a full calendar; they should be looking to send out a SMS message to their customers.  Perhaps it is a good time to offer frequent customers a loyalty discount or just a time sensitive ‘today only’ special.  Depending on how well the customers were served on their last visit, shop owners can expect some of the customers contacted to return if the incentive to them is high enough.

Salon owners could also hold a contest for their customers and their prospects.  With a good mobile marketing system, the store owner will have the ability to give these visitors’ free products and or services at random, when they send in the contest text message as instructed.

Once the system is understood, all that is needed is a little creativity.  One shop owner in the Midlands sends reminders to their customers on their birthdays. (Of course that means that they collected birthday information along with mobile phone information).

Yet another salon owner in the South East sends reminders to customers a week before they are due, on the calendar to come in again to set an appointment.   All salon owners understand what this means.  If a customer comes in a week earlier than normal when contacted, this will mean more visits to the location during a calendar year.

Other shop owners are more conventional and send out coupons for a certain percentage off their listed products and services; and still others take this coupon concept and go farther.  Their coupon is made to be time sensitive and only usable for a brief period of time that day.

Once the salon owner understands the basics of mobile marketing, they can use it in their business to increase their share of the customer’s wallet during a calendar year, this will mean more profits for that salon.

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